Outer Banks, North Carolina 2017


So, I am finally getting around to my blog post about my trip to Corolla. I have been home for about two weeks already but have been nonstop busy. I have been going to the Outer Banks for many years now. Unfortunately, this will be the last year for a while because our group is slowly falling apart and the 9/10 hour car ride is becoming too much. That being said I tried to do a lot while I was there. My friend Lauren and I left on Friday (August 4) around 4:45 after we both got off work. Luckily, we got a hotel in Virginia so we only had to drive about five hours. It wasn’t too bad of a drive but by the time we got food and gas we both were exhausted and passed out. I woke up around 7 so we were able to get on the road early to drive the rest of the way. It was a good drive up until we crossed the bridge that takes you into the Outer Banks. There we sat in traffic for about two hours. MISERABLE. We ended up grabbing lunch with my aunt and grandma at a place called Tomato Patch. It wasn’t that great but considering I hadn’t eaten I was just happy to have food. After we finished we had to kill an hour because our house wasn’t ready yet. The best way to kill time is to shop so that was exactly what we did! Later that night we just finished unpacking then Lauren and I went to get Mexican food at a place called Coastal Cantina. My FAVORITE place to eat. They have the BEST burritos!!! There was an hour wait so we just hung out at the bar sipping on some margs and pina coladas. On Sunday we hit up the beach for a few hours then went to the Currituck Lighthouse. It was my second time climbing it but it was still pretty cool. Climbing 220 steps in like 80 degree weather is always fun right? After that we just went back to the house for dinner then went back to the beach to watch the boy’s fish. We ended that night with some ice cream and passed out early. Monday was a rainy day. Literally ALL day it poured down rain and stormed so bad. Luckily, we planned ahead and decided to make it our shopping day so we were all okay with it. We first went to TJ Maxx and a cute boutique called Foxy Flamingo. After that we stopped for some lunch at Mulligans which has been our spot for  lunch on shopping days for over five years. When we finished up eating, Lauren and I headed to J. Crew, The Gap, and the Cottin Gin. You can find all of the stuff I picked up in my Vacation Haul Post. Tuesday we also had bad weather. So we pretty much stayed inside all day long. In the morning we went to Duck Donuts to grab a dozen of their yummy donuts. Then I wanted to stop at this new place I found called The Juice Jar to get an acai bowl and beet juice. I wasn’t that big of a fan of the juice but the acai bowl was amazingggg. Since all of us were inside for hours we ended up playing Pictionary and then went to dinner at a Mexican place called Agave Roja. It was my second time eating there and it did not disappoint. Although I spent $50 on my meal (Ugh). On Wednesday it finally got nice again. We all went to the beach for a few hours then I hung out at the pool that our house had. Wednesday night we went to the Whalehead Club for a ghost tour. It was super cool to go to and I learned a lot about the history of Corolla. Most people find it hard to believe but I am a huge history nerd. Shocking, I know. On Thursday we just had a relaxing day at the beach and then went to Jockey’s Ridge and Pea Island.  Jockey’s Ridge is a state park that is all sand dunes. I always love going there because it’s fun to walk around on the dunes. It almost feels like you’re in the dessert. Pea Island has been a place I have gone to for about three years. No one really knows about it unless you’re a local. It is a National Wildlife Refuge but if you walk a while into it you get to a vacant beach with huge seashells. I just like going every time I am in the Outer Banks because it is super relaxing and cool to adventure on. There is also a vacant lifesaving station that makes it even better. Friday was our last day which I wasn’t that mad about. I was ready to come home and sleep in my own bed. It probably would of been better if it didn’t rain as much and we spent more time at the beach but I will take a week of vacation either way. Of course it rained all day though so we didn’t go to the beach but Lauren and I had scheduled a paint and sip at the Lilly Pulitzer specialty store called Life’s A Beach. It was fun because we got to paint a Lilly Pulitzer print not just something random. It was my second time doing it and was just as fun as the first time. After we finished up we did some last minute shopping then went to dinner at Sun Fish Grill. I finally got my crab legs that I was craving all week! On Saturday everyone left at 5 am except for Lauren and I. We ended up leaving at 9 since we were going to get a hotel half way home. After driving like an hour I just wanted to get home so I ended up just driving the rest of the way. It took forever but we got home around 8:30 and I was beyond happy to be in my own bed!

Yellow Tassel Tank Top


On vacation I went to the J. Crew store and of course didn’t walk out empty handed. I purchased some accessories and shoes that you can see in my pervious vacation haul post. The two tops that I said I had purchased were not posted because I was going to do an OOTD blog post. So here is one of the tops! I love all the detailing it has on it not to mention the thicker straps which give it an elegant look. I paired it with simple black shorts from Target, black sandals, and my hat from Nordstrom.

J. Crew Tank


This is another simple outfit that worked perfect for being at the beach. I paired my J. Crew tank with some jean shorts and jesus sandals as my friends call them, hahaha. My shorts are from American Eagle and my sandals are from Target. I really love this tank because it is almost like a peplum top with how the bottom has ruffles, o it can be styled many different ways. Loveeee it.

Free People Peplum


Recently, I have been obsessed with Free People. It is probably one of my favorite brands now. I fell in love with this top the second I saw it. Peplum tops are great because they can be dressed up or down. In this case I dressed it down to have a more causal outfit. I paired it with my frayed jeans and mules from Nordstrom.

Lilly Pulitzer Out To Sea Shorts


Happy Monday & Solar Eclipse Day! I am totally missing the beach more and more every time I look back at pictures and especially when I am working, lol. This outfit was super simple and worked perfect for going out shopping at the beach. I paired my Lilly shorts with a simple white tee and tied a small knot into it to add a cute look to the outfit. For shoes I just wore my white Jack Rogers which was with most outfits since they pair with so much! Hope you all have a great week!

Florals + Pastels


While working full time I am trying to slowly add some more outfits for work into my wardrobe but on a college student budget that can be hard. I came across this Lauren Conrad floral top online and was able to get it for only $8! I had purchased these jeans in early spring at TJ Maxx and they paired perfectly together! On the bottom they have  cut off fray detailing that I really love! For shoes I wore my mules that I recently purchased from the Nordstrom A Sale (OBSESSED). I like this outfit because it is simple but elegant and perfect for meeting clients!

Gingham Crop Top


When gingham became a thing I was defiantly not on board with the trend. But when I saw this crop top at TJ Maxx I knew I needed it, so I bought it, and haven’t regret it since. It was only $12.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I simply paired it with my black high waist shorts and my Adidas making it a cute laid back outfit for a night out!


Lilly Pulitzer “Nice Stems” Skirt


My Lilly Pulitzer collection has grown significantly in the past year! Living in Pennsylvania a lot of people are not familiar with the company but I LOVE wearing their prints while on vacation. I have a lot of different Lilly looks that will be posted in the next week! But now that I got hired on full-time at my job I rarely wear most of the clothes due to them not being work appropriate. That being said, I am selling most of my collection for half of retail cost on Poshmark, so go check out my closet!




Vacation Shopping Haul



Hauls are becoming more and more popular in the blogging world so I figured I would jump on the trend. I personally love watching haul videos on YouTube as well as reading about them on my favorite blogs. Last week I was on vacation which if you read my previous posts you already know. With going on vacation down south I usually always put aside a few hundred dollars just for shopping. You could say I have a shopping addiction or you could just say I am an idiot. Either way I ain’t mad. lol. One of the stores I went to was a boutique called Foxy Flamingo. There I purchased the two bralettes, the candle (which smells heavenly), the necklace, and the stamped home wave ring. Everything came to around $130 which I thought was average for most boutiques. I can’t wait to wear the bralettes because the material is so comfy! The second place I went to was J. Crew. There I bought the silver sandals, earrings, necklace, and two tops which aren’t pictured but will be featured in future outfit posts. I actually did pretty good and only spend like $150! Of course I had to stop at the Lilly Specialty Store called Life’s A Beach. It’s pretty obvious what things I bought from there because if you know Lilly they have bold and girly prints! Lastly, I bought the pineapple ring and wave ring from a boutique that sells Pura Vida in which you can buy off their website! I wasn’t expecting to buy this much stuff but I guess things happen haha!


Nautical Vibes


Maxi Dress | Purse | Shoes | Necklace

The past two days have been so exhausting from having to drive 9+ hours home from the beach and do all of the unpacking and laundry that comes with it. I have honestly done 6 loads of laundry and am still not finished. Today I scheduled my last couple of classes at school before I transfer & I can NOT wait to graduate! With Fall just around the corner I am going to try to post all of my favorite outfits from this summer in the next week or two so keep checking back. This maxi has been one of my favorites since purchasing it last year at the J. Crew in Nags Head and I have worn it so many times since. I paired it with my new bucket purse from The Gap and my converse shoes which makes a super casual and comfy outfit! Hope you all have a great week!