Floral Orange Maxi Dress


Dress | Shoes

Hello & Happy Hump Day! I hope y’all are having a great week thus far. I can’t wait for this weekend because it is the last weekend before I am off to North Carolina! The beach is calling my name! That being said, I am so in love with this dress! When it comes to bargain shopping, Forever 21 never seems to fail. I purchased this maxi for literally $30 and not only is it super comfortable but it is perfect for all seasons. I paired it with some wedges from DSW and some cute cactus earrings that I purchased in Texas. Cheers to the weekend!


Stitch Fix Box – July


I decided to get a Stich Fix this month for some cute pieces to take on vacation! I only ended up keeping the dress because everything else was a size too big but I did a try on to show yall how each piece looked while wearing! I wanted to keep everything but when things didn’t fit I figured it was a sign to save some money (HA).

Pixley Georgio Braided Neckline Halter Knit Top

Alice Blue Jessicka Ruffle Cold Shoulder Blouse

Lush Rhodes Tank Blouse

Nine Britton Hallie Knit Dress

H&C Collection Rockwell Lace Kimono

Mushroom Asparagus Pasta


After getting off work the last thing I want to do is make a big dinner. With working full time as well as going to college my weeks are usually super busy. That being said, I found this recipe that only took a half hour to make and I love mushrooms + asparagus so it was amazing!! Not to mention it was a big enough portion to have for lunch the following day. I linked the recipe below so yall definitely have to try it out!


Tie-Waist Shirt Dress


I usually don’t’ shop at Forever 21 but I had some time to spare so I decided to stop in. I am so happy I did because I found this dress for only $29! I figured it’s perfect for all seasons! For fall it would look super cute with thigh high boots and in the winter it would pair well with some Uggs and a scarf! It definitely will be a repeat outfit on here!

Denim + Stripes



I fell in love with this top the second I laid eyes on it. I bought it at Forever 21 for only $30! The bow on the back was what won me over but unfortunately after wearing it, I didn’t like how the front of it was due to the material being a little loose. However, it was definitely a cute outfit for the day and I got a lot of complements on it!

Givenchy + Influenster


For those of you who are not familiar with Influenster , it is an app that you can download and review products on. The more products you review the more chances you’ll have to get sent free things to review. This was one of the boxes I received and I was so happy when it came in the mail! I have never used mascara with this type of wand so I had an interesting time trying it out. I may have poked myself in the eye once or twice (lol) but I love the formula!