Favorite Fresh Mask Reviews

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Perfect for all skin types which is a must for me. It really helps with fine lines and wrinkles as well as elasticity. I love the smell of it and the way it leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed. I have very sensitive skin that can be either very dry or super oily and this mask helps with both.

Rose Face Mask

One of my favorite masks for hydration. Not only does it leave my face feeling refreshed but it also helps with redness and pore size. It is a cooling gel mask that is infused with actual rose petals. This mask is definitely a go-to mask for me!



Summer Bucket List | OOTD

Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day. It’s finally summer and I couldn’t be more ecstatic for lake weekends and road trips. I figured I would share my summer bucket list with y’all since it is already about to be June! Outfit details are linked at the bottom.

-Go boating with all of my friends

-Have  a campfire & roast marshmallows

-Go to an outdoor concert

-Go to the lake with some friends and family

-Pick strawberries

-Go to a drive-in

-Have a picnic in the woods

-Have a pool party

-Go to a Farmers Market

-Go mini golfing (already checked off thanks to the bf)

-Have a cookout

-Movie marathon

-Go to a Pirates Game

-Go hiking at Coopers Rock

-Take a road trip to Falling Waters

-Go kayaking

-Go for a long bike ride

-Set off a bunch of fireworks

-Have a movie marathon night


Outfit Details:

Denim Off the Shoulder Dress | Backpack | Booties


Los Angeles, Monday, Day 3

Monday morning we all woke up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Since this was our last full day we had a lot to get done. We ended up going to Venice Beach, In-N-Out, Brandy Melville, Lululemon, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and went to see the Hollywood Sign.


Venice Beach

I was super shocked when we got to Venice Beach. It was way dirtier than I had imagined. It reminded me a lot like Chinatown in New York City. The boardwalk was filled with small tourists shops. It was also sad seeing all of the homeless people. The beach was pretty basic but it was cool to see the mountains that surrounded the ocean. We ended up only staying for a few minutes. The parking was hard to find and the people who work in the shops yell a bunch of nonsense at you but the scenery was worth it.


In-N-Out Burger

I have always heard how good In-N-Out was so I was happy to finally try it out. Considering I have a bad stomach I didn’t try the burgers but the fries were way better than McDonald’s, lol.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

As seen on TV it was nothing more than miles of stars. My Grammy wanted to get a picture with Trumps star so we drove around looking for it. It ended up being in front of a small mall which we were going to anyways because you could see the Hollywood sign from the second level. There was SO many people here that we went and got our pictures then left.


All in all I had a lot of fun on this trip but I probably wouldn’t go again. It was awesome to see all of the things I heard about and saw on television but the traffic and LA scene is just not for me. If you ever get the chance to go I would definitely check out everything I talked about but make sure to bring a couple of thousand dollars because you will 100% need it.



Los Angeles, Sunday, Day 2

Sunday morning, we slept in for a little then got up and ready for the day. We ended up driving back to Rodeo Drive to stop at Sephora and Diptyque. Sephora ended up being way better than the one that is at my local mall. They had a larger selection of things and products that I had never heard of. So it was pretty cool checking new products out. I bought some of the HUM daily cleanse vitamins and my Mom and Grammy got some St. Tropez tanning stuff. The workers were extremely nice and with it being Mother’s Day, they gave my Mom a bunch of free samples including some yummy Sugarfina candy. After Sephora, we walked across the street to Diptyque where I finally bought the mimosa candle that has been on my wish list. The girl who helped me was extremely nice and since it was my birthday weekend she gave me a mini sized candle for free. So I didn’t feel as guilty spending $75 for one candle. *insert eye roll* After Rodeo we went back to the car and headed to the Sprinkles ATM which was another thing on my Cali bucket list. It was nothing special but I got some cute pics and a SUPER yummy carrot cake cupcake.

32446764_1409210155850594_1920086690412625920_nWe then headed to Alfred Tea Room which was literally the cutest little place. Although it was tough to get to it was well worth the hassle. I wish we had a few back home because the Matcha boba tea I got was literally amazing! For the most part everywhere we went had no parking so it was either park in a parking garage which could get expensive or drive around until you find a spot on the street.  I personally think Uber would have been a way better option but with my Mom and Grandma we just decided to drive the rental car around. Near Alfreds there was a cute little farmers market going on so we walked around there for a little bit before heading back to the car. It was actually really cute! There was mostly just a lot of different kinds of food and jewelry. The jewelry was really dainty and adorable but I did good and didn’t buy anything. Shocking I know.



After we did all of that running around we were all exhausted and went back to the hotel to relax, eat, and get some sleep. I ended up ordering room service so it was nice eating a shrimp salad in bed all while drinking a glass of wine with a view of Los Angeles’s Sunset.


Los Angeles, Saturday, Day 1

To say the time change had me all messed up is an understatement. I don’t know how people do this all of the time. We flew into LAX on Friday night (May 11) and didn’t get to our hotel until about 9:30pm. Which was actually 11:30pm PA time. I was exhausted and jet lagged beyond belief. Considering none of us really ate anything all day we ended up getting room service which was AMAZING.

On Saturday morning aka my birthday, I ended up waking up at 6:00am LA time due to the alarm clock in my hotel room going off (thanks to whomever set that). Even better, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. So I was up from 6:00am to about 10:30pm. But since back at home is three hours ahead I was all screwed up. Once I got my shit together, I met my Mom and Gram downstairs for a mimosa to celebrate my 24th birthday. After that we got ready and headed to Rodeo Drive which was exactly what I thought it would be. There were tourists everywhere, exotic cars, and a bunch of stores that sold things I couldn’t afford even if I tried. It was pretty chilly so we didn’t end up staying there too long. We only stopped at Agent Provectur and Sugarfina. Ive wanted to try Sugarfina candy for years and years so I was v happy to get a few things from there. The aesthetic was literal goals. After Rodeo we walked around Two Rodeo Drive which is definitely a must because of the architecture and stone walkway.


After we left Rodeo, we then headed to The Beverly Hills Hotel to have lunch at The Cabana Cafe. Which honestly was my favorite part of the trip. Everything about it was amazing. The service was great, food was delicious, and the aesthetic was once again everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

After doing all of that we came back to the hotel to relax and then went to Nordstrom Rack. The one back home I think was way better but I did buy a few small things.


The mall was like a little city in itself and trying to find a spot to park was mentally exhausting and took forever. One thing I learned about Los Angeles is that even though you may be close to where you’re going, you have to add in traffic which then makes your trip a heck of a lot longer. You could see the mall outside of our hotel room window so Nordstrom Rack was literally right across our hotel next to the 405 but by adding in traffic to it made a 5 minute trip basically 15 minutes.

After that adventure, we went back to the hotel to grab some yummy dinner and then headed back to the room to relax and catch some zzz’s!

Kristin Cavallari Booties

Happy Saturday! When you are reading this I will currently be in California and 24! Happy Birthday to me! I hope yall are having a great weekend! I wanted to share these booties with you because not only are they adorable but they are surprisingly pretty comfortable. They are the Kristin Cavallari Laurel Peep Toe Bootie. I bought them a few months ago and have worn them so many times. I bought them in the color dark camel but am thinking about buying them in black too. The quality is amazing so they are definitely worth every penny!

Outfit Details

Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: Hollister | Purse: Amazon | Bracelet: David Yurman



Saint Laurent Toy Lulu Calfskin Crossbody Review

If you follow me on instagram then you probably already saw my new addition to the purse fam. I have been back and forth for months now on what crossbody to buy for my birthday. I was in between the Gucci Disco and this one. Obviously this beaut won the race. I feel like this bag is perfect for nights out and even little trips. I actually am going to be using it in California because it is the perfect size. Not only is it compact but it is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Some may think I am crazy for spending the amount of money I did on this bag but that’s why I work…I get to spend my money on whatever I choose too. That being said this crossbody is a 10/10. I like it because the strap can come off and it can be used as a wallet or a clutch. I can also surprisingly fit a lot inside, mainly my keys, wallet, lip gloss, lotion, and iphone 7+. I feel like the light color also can be matched with almost every outfit possible. The only thing I wish was different would be the width. It is a little on the bulky side but I still absolutely love it!